Helen Keller Hospital Working Fit

Occupational Medicine Program

Industry & Medicine Operating Together

Helen Keller Hospital's Working Fit Occupational Medicine Program bridges industry and medicine - no matter what the industry may be. From the board room to the break room, from the assembly line to the construction site, Working Fit is designed to prevent injury and down time.

Working Fit provides an array of healthcare services that address work-related injuries and illness, as well as 24-hour emergency and diagnostic services through the Helen Keller Hospital Emergency Department. Our professionals will work directly with your human resources department and safety managers to help keep your employees, and your business, healthy and productive.

Medical Services Provided by Working Fit:

Wellness & Prevention
-Annual Employee Physicals
-Wellness & Prevention Seminars
-Work-site Evaluation & Recommendations
-Flu, Pneumonia, & Hepatitis Vaccinations
-Tuberculosis Testing
-Individual Risk Assessment
-Membership to the Keller Wellcare Center
Testing & Examinations
-Pre-Employement Exams
-Annual Exams
-Drug and Breath Alcohol Testing
-Full Service On-site Lab
-General Radiology
-Random Sampling Program
-PFT & EKG Testing
-Hearing Tests
-Vision Tests
Evaluation & Treatment
-Work Injury/Illness Evaluation
-Work Conditioning
-Functional Capacity Evaluations
Travel Immunizations
-Immunizations for Healthcare Workers & Students

For more information about why Working Fit is right for your business, call (256) 386-4433. Or Fax (256) 386-4699.