North Alabama Sleep Disorders Center

Located on the campus of Helen Keller Hospital
1111 South Raleigh Avenue, Suite 200
Sheffield, Alabama

The North Alabama Sleep Disorders Center is a fully accredited center with the goal of diagnosing and treating sleep related disorders. Our professional staff includes Board Certified physicians in the specialty of Sleep Medicine.

What are sleep disorders?

Any problem with sleep that causes dysfunction during your waking hours is a sleep disorder. Symptoms of a sleep disorder may include:
Daytime Sleepiness
Leg Pain
Night Chest Pains
Heavy Snoring
Morning Headaches
Difficulty Falling Asleep
Uncontrollable Hypertension

How can I know if I have a sleep disorder?

The most effective way to determine if you have a sleep disorder is through sleep testing, called polysonnograms. Our center is a medical facility with home-like, private, comfortable study rooms. Sleep disorder testing is non-invasive and painless and is scheduled on an outpatient basis during an overnight stay at our center.

Can sleep disorders be treated?

Yes, most sleep disorders can be effectively treated once they have been accurately diagnosed. Many people suffer needlessly, not realizing they suffer from a treatable sleep disorder. Treatment may include changes in your sleep habits, daily habits, work scheduled, or other various treatment options which our Certified Sleep Specialist may recommend.

Will my insurance cover this?

Most sleep disorder treatments are covered by medical insurance. The costs of the evaluation will depend on type and extent of testing required. The center's staff will work with you to determine the amount of coverage supplied by your insurance company.

A good night's sleep is vital to your good health.

There is no need to suffer needlessly because you lack sleep. The North Alabama Sleep Disorders Center will help you achieve the most out of life, starting with a good night's sleep. If you think you or someone that you know may have a sleep disorder, or if you would like more information, contact us at 256-386-4191.

The North Alabama Sleep Disorders Center is located at 1111 S. Raleigh Ave., Suite 200, Sheffield.

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