The Women's Center

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The Women's Center at Helen Keller Hospital is designed to meet the healthcare needs of women in every stage of life. With a caring, professional, and attentive staff, you are surrounded by the faces you know and the people you trust for the very best of care, whether gynecological surgery or the birth of a new baby.

Our comfortable labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum (LDRP) suites are unique to Northwest Alabama. These suites are beautifully decorated and home-like to provide a comfortable setting as you welcome your new baby. Each suite features state-of-the-art equipment so that the expectant mom and baby are monitored during the entire labor process. Post-partum rooms are spacious and tastefully furnished to provide a peaceful setting as you recover from your delivery or from a surgical procedure.

The C-section room and recovery suite are conveniently located within the Women's Center should a C-section become necessary. Once your newborn arrives, family and friends will be able to peek at your bundle of joy through the viewing window in the nursery, located at the entrance of the Women's Center.

Kellerbabies Web Nursery is an Internet opportunity to spread your JOY! This free service allows you to share photos of your new baby with friends in family. Your baby will be photographed using our digital camera, provided by OUR 365 Newborn Portraits. You may dress your baby in an outfit of your choosing. There is no cost or obligation to buy when you have your baby's photo taken. After the photo session, with your consent, OUR 365 Newborn Portraits will post the photo in our Web Nursery. Each photo is password protected.

Maternal/Child Education

The Women's Center Education Team includes Dianna Castillo, RN, and Pam Smith, RN and a number of other OB and Nursery staff members who can assist the new mother and family with educational needs. For information on our Women's Center education, call 256-386-4162 or the Keller Education Department at (256) 386-4030.

Programs include:

Prepared Childbirth Classes

Each month, a series of three classes are held.
The first two classes of the series meet on Thursday and Monday nights in the HKH Education Department (basement of the hospital). Topics covered during these first two classes are labor and deliver, comfort techniques, medical procedures, and cesarean birth. A tour of labor and delivery is offered at the end of the second class.
The third class is on Tuesday night and is held at Tennessee Valley Pediatrics at 234 Keller Park Blvd., Tuscumbia. Topics covered are newborn care and breastfeeding basics.
Class instructor - Dianna Castillo, RN, IBCLC Lactation Consultant.

Classes are from 6-9 p.m.
To register, call our OB department at 256-386-4526 or Education at 256-386-4030.

Dates for upcoming classes

February 9, 13, 14
March 9, 12, 14
April 6, 10, 11
May 4, 8, 9
June 1, 5, 6
July 13, 17, 18
August 10, 14, 15
September 7, 11, 12
October 5, 9, 10
November 2, 6, 7
December 4, 5 (first class on Nov. 30)

Breastfeeding Classes

"The Natural Choice" Learn the how-to's of breastfeeding, which will be helpful in the early weeks of your newborn's life. This class also includes "Baby Basics", which is great for the first time mom. Fee is $10. This class is held on the last evening of the Prepared Childbirth Classes.

La Leche League

This breastfeeding support group is available to expectant mothers, new mothers, or anyone experiencing difficulty with breastfeeding. For more information, please visit

Sibling Class

This class, taught by Pam Smith, RN, is designed especially for children ages 3-9 who are expecting a younger brother or sister. Children are taught to deal with dramatic emotional changes and attachments that come with a new sibling, along with how to hold the new baby. Fee is $10.